победитель конкурса квадратов
Woman: Can you talk where you are?
Man: Yeah.
Woman: Who's there?
Man: Satellite truck. No, I can talk.
Woman: Is anyone else there?
Man: No.
Woman: Hang on.
Man: Oh man. [ sigh ]
Woman: You're really tired, I know, you sound just awful. [ pause ] I love you.
Man: I love you too. [ pause ] I don't want to be here. I want to be with you.

[ transmission cuts off ]

I was sitting in bed.
Man: Yeah.
Woman: And I was kind of day dreaming.
Man: Mmhmm.
Woman: And I was remembering...umm...I don't know, I was just remembering all sorts of things.
Man: Like what?
Woman: I was remembering when you came and saw me after the collection.
Man: Yeah.
Woman: And you just walked in the door.
Man: Yeah.
Woman: And dropped everything.
Man: Yeah.
Woman: I was just remembering that. I haven't thought about that for a long time.
Man: Yeah.
Woman: And how amazing that was.
Man: Yeah. Well...
Woman: Do you have to hang up?
Man: No, not at all. I'm not gonna hang up with you talking like that. [ slight laugh ] Umm...
Woman: Is anyone else near you?
Man: Nah, they aren't paying attention to me. But...

[ transmission cuts ]

Woman: Can't you talk to me for as long as you can talk to me or do you have to go?
Man: No, no, I can talk to you for as long as you want.
Woman: I want to talk to you.

[ transmission cuts ]

Woman: I miss you. Isn't it amazing how much I miss you?
Man: Well...
Woman: And how much I feel like my body needs to be against yours?
Man: Well...I [ cuts ] feeling.
Woman: That's a good thing. It's a good thing that it's mutual.
Man: Yeah.
Woman: You know what I was thinking today?
Man: What?
Woman: We're the luckiest people in the world because this is just gonna get [ cuts ] stronger and stronger as [ cuts ] and on and on...
Man: It is.

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